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International Dolls Museum, A Window to world Culture


International Dolls Museum is a museum of private collections registered with Iran Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. It was opened in Tehran with joint efforts of its owners and curators Messrs. Masoud Naseri Daryaie and Ali Golshan and sponsorship of Ms. Farideh Naseri.
The Museum was launched in September 21, 2014 on the same day that the world commemorates the International day of peace.
International Dolls Museum warmly invites its visitors especially children and young adults as well as their families to come and see the museums large collection of dolls from different countries and cultures and thus better learn and understand customs and traditions, lifestyles, tales and legends, costumes and other cultural elements of different parts of the world.
The museum has well over 2000 pieces of cultural dolls from 86 countries that are being displayed based on their continent.
The museum regularly organized educational workshops, periodical and traveling exhibitions to increase awareness of multiculturalism and diversity around the world.


Museum of Iranian Dolls and Culture, A window to Iran’s cultural and Natural Heritage


The Museum of Iranian Dolls and Culture is a private museum registered with Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization. The museum was opened in Tehran in July 2017 with joint efforts of its owners and curators Messrs. Ali Golshan and Masoud Naseri Daryaie and sponsorship and support of Ms. Fereshteh Khosrowpour, Municipality of district 12 of Tehran, friends of international Dolls Museum.
The Museum of Iranian Dolls and Culture provides an excellent opportunity for children and young adults and their families to learn more about rituals, ceremonies, art, traditional costume, music, handicrafts and natural heritage of Iran. The museum also showcases life size dolls of different regions of Iran and promotes various types of Iranian folk narratives such as myths, legends and folktales.
The museum permanent collection displays the Iranian ethnic dolls, dolls of women of different regions of Iran in traditional customs, cultural dolls wearing historical costumes of different eras of Iran from Elamites civilization to Qajar dynasty and the dolls of the most influential contemporary Iranian figures leading the course of modern Iranian children and young adults’ literature.
The museum also organizes various educational workshops and holds periodical exhibitions creating and exciting learning opportunity for its audience to understand and appreciate the history, culture and art of Iran better.

Iran Toys Museum, A story of timless toys in history


Toys from Iran and around the World - The story of creating timeless toys throughout the history -
The toy section of the museum is the home for more than 500 toys and games from Iran and around the world. It was opened in May 2019 at around the same time as International Family Day as well as International Day of Living Together in Peace.
The collection belongs to our prominent collectors, Ms. Azadeh Bayat and Mr. Masoud Naseri Daryaee. It showcases toys and games from early 1900s to 1980s exhibiting the history of toy industry in general. Also, the beautifully crafted traditional toys collected from different regions of Iran reflects our ethnic diversity and the heritage of the Iranian handicraft and toy making.
During your visit, you will hear the stories and narratives behind making of each toy. Our audience (children, teens, families, designers and researchers) will also hear about the basic idea of toy-making and how they were marketed, developed and sustained over time. A space is also designated for children to experience playing with a variety of toys.
In this section, many workshops are held with the aim of acquainting children with different types of toys and the process of making them. Also, many Iranian and the world cultural concepts are transmitted to children through toys and the process of making them.